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so this wonderful city i live in now called boston, is finally coming back to life from winter hibernation, the squirels are all over the Commons, Starbucks is crazy crowded, i see more couples walking down the street holding hands, people are generally projecting positive energy. wanted to share some of that with you guys enjoy

...where else do u see a hipster granny on a daily basis???

my friend, has the most magical name-arielle ;)

my fake brother sasha and i are pretty ballin'

yep, color's crucial for my existence

um ya
i dont know wat the fuck hit me hard on my head, couldve been a melted icicle or smth. but I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!

ya, with him ;p
boy do i love weekends! haha so many new ppl and experiences, nthn gets better than that! i randomly found myself in a group of like 10 straight boys, so i kinda freaked out at first, but then made every single one of them mi amigo, so it was awesome. also i met a russian boy who completely changed my opinion about this "species" ;) ...good times...also we invented this new dance called "salsa a-la-russe". if anyone's interested, i give free lessons
I am officially sick of being sick!
a bunch o' funny things happenned yesterday night
1st-ly there's this dude called Freddy, he's obsessed with working out, goes to the gym like a twice a day, he'd never admit it, but i think he's trying to compensate for the lack of height (he's shorter than i am) and, supposedly, brain, with his muscles. Anyways trust me- painfully unsexy, imagine Hulk Hogan, except 30 years younger... anyways we had the weirdest conversation, he's drunk, comes up to me and goes "Sushi,,,i dont understand WHY all the girls want me sooo bad, WHY am i so popular, there are so many cuter boys, But every single girl just wants me so bad!" Well i was sober at this point(thinking to myself "relax man, i swear, i dont")so i decided I'd play along so I was like. "Oh my god Freddy i totally know what you mean, everyone wants me too and I dont know what to do with all this..." So he instantly considered me his soul mate or smth and was probbly thinking we were having the deepest possible conversation, my friend comes in, and he snaps being "cant you see we're having a very serious conversation here???" Yep Freddy, that was REALLY f-in deep, man ;pp
Me: "hey whats your name"
boy: "Vass"
ME:"was ist das???""
3rd-ly: I got a free Salsa lesson from a puerto-rican person. there was a lot of spinning involved...i wound up on the floor. Dont spin me when im drunk

Feb. 22nd, 2007

Today I saw the long-expected "Factory Girl", the excitement i experienced was pretty overwhelming, unfortunately no one else could share it with me, since everyone on the planet has decided to get sick simultaneously, and that's kind of upsetting...
So anyways, to the point
Factory girl's about Edie Sedgwick, and she's the "factory" girl, cause she was the part of Andy Wrhol's studio/ project in itself, called The Factory. This movie isn't super accurate biographically, but it really make syou think, and hopefully help the "it" girl wholl see it reconsider their priorities. Edie Sedgwick was born in a really wealth family about a mile from where i am right now-Cambridge, Massachussetts, which is a part of Boston area. Her mentality was initially (before her moving to NY) was shaken drastically by her dad sexually harssing her (and officially two of her brothers!, who were later put in rehab (same as Edie (whooo lotta brackets ;p), where one of them hung himself)), when she was 8. So she wanted to get away, and be free, so she goes to New York and tries to liberate herself through things like drugs, parties, alcohol, you know-traditional methods...Then she meets Andy Warhol, who tkes her into the Factory, which seeming was suposed to make her life better, but actually destroyed it completely, because of a number of factors-A-she was made an IT girl, made by Andy Warhol, she did not do anything, it was his word that proclaimed her the superstar
B-she got a taste of the hipster society life, recovering from which is like being hungover, only for years
C- when Andy Warhol, stopped using (using-since he did not pay her for anything she did at the Factory)her, the world forgot about her, new IT girls took her spotlight

so that's as sad as it gets, but looking at the world today, isnt this excactly whats going on multiplied by a million times in the world of showbiz and modeling?

hope this note made you stop for a moment nd thinlthank for reading this
I swear to god i peed my pants today cuz Nutme said she enjoyed reading my posts. ;))
Glad that someone reads those confessions of a mentally disabled person aka myself hehe
just kidding loverz

so um since it makes you happy im gonna post some fun updates
A-if you haven yet type www.indarnb.ru and go to fashion overview and check out that girl with electric orange skin! it's pretty entertaining, i mean...this whole web site is pretty entertaining, I mean i get it-it tells you what to wear....ummm...NOT
just go check it out, youll know what im talking about
B-the funniest thing happenned in CVS (apteka) today. Me and mi amiga Sarah-for those who dont know-the funnest and chillest person in the universe-had an hour before our drawing class so we went browsing through the make-up aisle, and Sarah has this urge to paint her nails whenever we're there. So she does... and the she's like-thats my new fave colours - so she paint her nails one-imagine electric peachy-pink and the next-crazy purple and so on...and then im like you have NO shame...so i convince her that she needs to get and she refuses unless i pay for it, so she gives me money iget to the check out, and the cashier lady goes: "Did your friend at least tip you for that manicure ?" I died-righ there... Turns out there's a cam pointed directly at us...but you know it fun...being the entertainement unit, that is ;ppp

PS lets all pray that i get some ass tomorrow-the amount gay-ness around me is pretty overwhelming
2 hickies. 1 neck. fun
drapery wrapped bottle of Smart water. more fun
these two thoughts-leave me incapable of concentration
live's gud
um this is an awkward post, but try saying "sushi" in russian and in english, it doesnt sound as ridiculous in english as it does in russian...considering that this is what people call me here. yep, that my name, dont laugh

where have all the good men gone.......

So the only actual MAN I've ever encountered seems to be residing in the middle of nowhere. duh, TEXAS ;(((